Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Wandering Gypsies

The Wandering Gypsies

The Wandering Gypsies are a true dukkering service. Fortune tellers of the traditional strain. They offer fortune telling services such as, Tarot card readings, and Palm readings, and so much more.  Fully certified professionals, licenced within the city of Calgary, they bring insight and entertainment to whatever function they do.  This service is presented in a fully costumed spectacle from esoteric tapestries, mood lighting, props, and thus bring a taste of the exotic to wherever they are performing.

The spectacle that The Wandering Gypsies provide is unique within this industry for not only are the performers top ranked and well respected professionals, the visual impression is second to none.   The service can be offered from the small and intimate one-on-one encounters with minimal effects, to a full blown 10' x 20' Gypsy pavilion with multiple psychic readers and even belly dancers and musicians.

Paul the Skald: A fourth generation Albertan who has been involved with the Tarot for over thirty years.  He began delving into the mysteries of life and spiritualism at a young age.  Encouraged by his grandmother whom was a dowser on the Canadian prairies.  For more than fifteen years he has been utilizing his gifts in a professional capacity using Tarot and Runmal to offer education, insight, enlightenment, and entertainment to those that come seeking his aid.  Paul is a northern belief Gardarian Wiccan who has received his first degree initiation in the mysteries.  He has also received teachings from members of The Golden Dawn in the Hermetic mysteries.  He is a member in good standing of the Canadian Tarot Network, holding the rank of “Certified Professional Tarot Reader”. 

Lady Cathryn: Descended from one of Alberta’s founding families but also has a touch of the Roma in her.  She began walking her spiritual path over twenty years ago taking large insights from her gypsy heritage and from the teachings and influences of a great many others.  For over ten years now Cathryn has been performing professionally utilizing Palm readings, Tarot card, and on occasion, Tea leaves, and Crystal ball to provide her clients with her most gifted psychic and spiritual insight.  She is a member in good standing of the Canadian Tarot Network, holding the rank of “Certified Professional Tarot Reader”.

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