Thursday, May 10, 2012

Coming Soon for 2012! The Third Annual Boob Rock!

Things are starting to come together for Boob Rock 2012.

This year we are so happy to have the Unicorn as our all new venue!  I couldn't think of a better bar to do this in!

So far we have the following performers:
- Alberta Burly Q Revue 
- Prairie of Prax
- All hands on Jane

I'll have more details and info on everything in the next coming week or two!



Monday, May 2, 2011

Prairie of Prax

These guys played Boob Rock last year and really rocked the house.  Their brand of Death Folk Rock had everyone rocking.   With such great songs as "Laugh About it All in Hell" and "Angela Lansbery" Prairie of Prax is not to be missed.  Have you got your tickets yet?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Wandering Gypsies

The Wandering Gypsies

The Wandering Gypsies are a true dukkering service. Fortune tellers of the traditional strain. They offer fortune telling services such as, Tarot card readings, and Palm readings, and so much more.  Fully certified professionals, licenced within the city of Calgary, they bring insight and entertainment to whatever function they do.  This service is presented in a fully costumed spectacle from esoteric tapestries, mood lighting, props, and thus bring a taste of the exotic to wherever they are performing.

The spectacle that The Wandering Gypsies provide is unique within this industry for not only are the performers top ranked and well respected professionals, the visual impression is second to none.   The service can be offered from the small and intimate one-on-one encounters with minimal effects, to a full blown 10' x 20' Gypsy pavilion with multiple psychic readers and even belly dancers and musicians.

Paul the Skald: A fourth generation Albertan who has been involved with the Tarot for over thirty years.  He began delving into the mysteries of life and spiritualism at a young age.  Encouraged by his grandmother whom was a dowser on the Canadian prairies.  For more than fifteen years he has been utilizing his gifts in a professional capacity using Tarot and Runmal to offer education, insight, enlightenment, and entertainment to those that come seeking his aid.  Paul is a northern belief Gardarian Wiccan who has received his first degree initiation in the mysteries.  He has also received teachings from members of The Golden Dawn in the Hermetic mysteries.  He is a member in good standing of the Canadian Tarot Network, holding the rank of “Certified Professional Tarot Reader”. 

Lady Cathryn: Descended from one of Alberta’s founding families but also has a touch of the Roma in her.  She began walking her spiritual path over twenty years ago taking large insights from her gypsy heritage and from the teachings and influences of a great many others.  For over ten years now Cathryn has been performing professionally utilizing Palm readings, Tarot card, and on occasion, Tea leaves, and Crystal ball to provide her clients with her most gifted psychic and spiritual insight.  She is a member in good standing of the Canadian Tarot Network, holding the rank of “Certified Professional Tarot Reader”.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We are so excited to have the lovely and talented Jadesong as a new addition this year!  This woman can play it all!  She's extremely talented and diverse.  She's also played many a fundraiser and we are so lucky to have her at Boob Rock!

Hailing from the great Pacific Northwest, Jadesong now resides in wild Rocky Mountain foothills. Drawing from vast coastal flavours, as well as diverse ethnic roots, Jadesong blends a sound that's all her own. She is currently working on her first recording, that is sure to be followed by many more. Primarily a solo musician working from a singer songwriter base, Jadesong has also collaborated over the years with many talented musicians.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Curves Calgary Donation

A super huge thank you to Curves Calgary for their donation of a gift bag... but what's in it you ask?

They have donated :

We have included as your gift a 2 month Gift Certificate for Curves, a Curves Gear Bag which includes a water bottle, brush, towel and pony tail holders, a free Zumba pass card for each of our clubs, along with a copy of the Curves magazine Diane.  This is an inspirational magazine that provides you with information on women in various topics from our health and beauty needs to recipes and tips.

You can use these passes at the Braeside, Country Hills, Elbow, Riverbend or Royal Oak clubs.  Special thank you to Judy and Stacey for their generosity.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Latenite Hotels!

For those of you wondering who the heck the Latenite Hotels are, we are here to tell you!  They are a new addition to Boob Rock but they have a great sound and we are happy to have them!

From the early days of house parties, shotgunning beers and playing for friends, The Latenite Hotels have always embraced the seedier side of things as well as the beautiful. It is this paradigm that has shaped the band's look and sound from the very beginning. The balance of light and dark are constant themes within their music and it is this dimensional diversity that has been drawing people in from the start. Their music contains a tension between words and sounds that allows listeners to form their own conclusions about the meanings of the songs. With only a handful of gigs under their belt the band has already got people noticing their unique brand of rock 'n roll soul which has resulted in a number of bookings for 2010. The band are currently recording their first E.P. and are slated to play numerous shows in the coming months... Stay tuned for more fascinating stories about The Latenite Hotels... .. .. ..

Guitar/vocals- John Weaver Guitar/vocals- Dave Matthews Drums- Steve Wiggers Bass- Mike DeZeeuw


Chopin, Cormac Mccarthy, Carl Sagan, Nacho Libre, Vietnamese food, wine, weed, girls, girls, girls,

Sounds Like:

A cold night dressed in a brand new suit with dinner reservations at the nicest restaurant in the city, two tickets to the opera and you're waiting outside of a sleazy bar for your stripper ex-girlfriend.

Tim Reynolds!

The lovely and funny Tim Reynolds MC'd last year's Boob Rock.  If you were too busy to check it out last year don't worry, he'll be there this year!

Calgary writer/comic/poet, Tim Reynolds, has been everything from a school teacher to a paparazzo to a game show contestant and brings his odd perspective on life to the stage every chance he gets. He once got kicked out of a brothel and has been known to tear up and get emotional when people start sharing their own whorehouse-in-the-desert stories and he can't contribute.

He thinks Depends were invented for lazy drunks and never misses a chance to blame a 10-pound fart on his 5-pound dog.