Monday, April 25, 2011

Latenite Hotels!

For those of you wondering who the heck the Latenite Hotels are, we are here to tell you!  They are a new addition to Boob Rock but they have a great sound and we are happy to have them!

From the early days of house parties, shotgunning beers and playing for friends, The Latenite Hotels have always embraced the seedier side of things as well as the beautiful. It is this paradigm that has shaped the band's look and sound from the very beginning. The balance of light and dark are constant themes within their music and it is this dimensional diversity that has been drawing people in from the start. Their music contains a tension between words and sounds that allows listeners to form their own conclusions about the meanings of the songs. With only a handful of gigs under their belt the band has already got people noticing their unique brand of rock 'n roll soul which has resulted in a number of bookings for 2010. The band are currently recording their first E.P. and are slated to play numerous shows in the coming months... Stay tuned for more fascinating stories about The Latenite Hotels... .. .. ..

Guitar/vocals- John Weaver Guitar/vocals- Dave Matthews Drums- Steve Wiggers Bass- Mike DeZeeuw


Chopin, Cormac Mccarthy, Carl Sagan, Nacho Libre, Vietnamese food, wine, weed, girls, girls, girls,

Sounds Like:

A cold night dressed in a brand new suit with dinner reservations at the nicest restaurant in the city, two tickets to the opera and you're waiting outside of a sleazy bar for your stripper ex-girlfriend.

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